More and more treatments for addiction problems are performed face-to-face (F2F) and digitally (blended). Digital options offer room for the integration of lifestyle and relapse prevention modules, among other things. Blended treatment is often used, although little is known about the (cost) effectiveness.

Research aim

Within our project, Jellineks blended treatment will be renewed and lifestyle modules (healthy diet, sleep) and aftercare with relapse prevention are added (BL1). We will use client focus groups to improve and renew these modules and will use machine learning to see whether the number of F2F contacts can be personalized (BL2).

Within a randomized clinical trial we investigate the (cost) effectiveness of BL1 and BL2 compared to conventional 100% F2F treatment and with ecological momentary assessment, we will investigate whether the new modules are effective and contribute to treatment results.

The implementation plan is being developed in collaboration with clients (organizations) and will be implemented when the results of the trial are positive, using national roll out.