Pilot Study: Clinical versus Outpatient Alcohol Detoxification

Research Background

Jellinek initiates a study to investigate the factors determining whether someone should undergo outpatient or inpatient detoxification for alcohol. There are no controlled or comparative studies on the indication for outpatient versus inpatient substance detoxification. The guideline for detoxification of psychoactive substances describes indicators for inpatient treatment, but states that “the evidence for these indicators is weak” and there is limited consensus among experts.

Research Objective

The study begins with a pilot investigation to map the current practice. Outpatient alcohol detoxification at FACT Jellinek Amersfoort and JOT/VIT Amsterdam is compared with inpatient detoxification at High Care Detox Amsterdam. The study examines patient characteristics, effectiveness, safety, and costs of detoxification, as well as patient satisfaction with the process.