Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to conduct patient-centered addiction research resulting in better- evidence based – treatment of patients with addictive disorders. We intend to achieve this goal through the determination of factors that play a role in effective and efficient treatments and through the exploration of mechanisms underlying successful treatments.

Our vision is that the treatment of people with addiction problems should be based on scientific evidence and delivered by knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our fundamental values are a rigorous scientific orientation, high ethical standards, multidisciplinary collaboration, and a strong dedication to the improvement of the lives of patients with addictive disorders.

The main objective of the institute is to publish scientific research in prestigious national and international peer-reviewed journals. In addition, the staff contributes to scientific discussions via conferences and debates. The institute also provides support and advice to treatment centers in their attempts to evaluate and improve the treatment of people with addictive disorders.